Eastview Women Fall 2017 Retreat Registration
We are excited to bring you a fall retreat for women! We will be heading to Camp Arnes together October 13-15, 2017. We hope you can join us! ***NOTE: Early Registration Date is June 30th so don't miss it! ***
Early Registration by June 30th: $135.00 | Regular Registration by September 30th: $150.00 per person
Note: Prices include meals and snacks provided by Camp Arnes.

If you'd like more information, please contact info@eastview.org. If you'd like to go ahead and complete the registration, please fill in the details below. Once completed, you may pay for your registration at the Welcome Centre at church or contact us for more methods of payment.

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We look forward to having you join us and are excited to see what God will do in the time we spend together! Please be in prayer for this time. If you still need to pay, make sure to pay at the Welcome Centre at Eastview or we wWe will send you further information about the retreat soon!
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