XXcelerate Peer Mentorship Group Application 2021
Thank you for your interest in joining a XXcelerate Peer Mentorship Group.

We are passionate about creating a community of diverse womxn owners who are building profitable and sustainable businesses that will positively impact the economy, all while creating a space where womxn have equitable access to opportunities, support and success. If you are feeling isolated, overwhelmed or at a loss for resources, XXcelerate peer mentorship groups offer a safe and inclusive space for you as your chart your own journey. We focus on serving the growing business - you already have a product or service on the market. Stay tuned as 2021 will see us expand offerings to pre-revenue companies.

Our fundamental belief is that ongoing peer-to-peer mentoring is a valuable asset for womxn wanting to grow their business. Mentorship groups are intimate groups of 6-8 womxn that meet bi-monthly for 2 hours (4 hours total per month), focusing on support, resource sharing, just-in-time learning and guidance and accountability. In an effort to provide the most benefit to our members we group by business phase; pairing womxn who are at similar business stages with similar pain points. This is not an accelerator or course - it is a business support and accountability group and a community of resources with access to knowledge. These questions help us get an understanding of where you are at with your business and what your needs are so we can best serve you. The best candidate is the one who is ready to apply themselves in the growth of their company.

The application takes approx. 15-20 minutes to fill out. Your application is confidential. We will contact you within 7-14 business days to discuss the next steps of your application process.
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