Whatcom Youth Pride 2022 Survey
We want to hear from you! As planning for Whatcom Youth Pride 2022 is underway we're hoping to get feedback from past attendees and future participants. Thank you for your time!
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What is your name?
What are your pronouns? (if you want to share)
Are you connected to a school in Whatcom County? If so, which one?
Are you a... (check all that apply)
Did you attend Whatcom Youth Pride 2019?
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If yes, please share your experience at WYP 2019 below:
If no, please share why not:
Pick your top THREE priorities for WYP 2022
Is there anything else you would like to see at WYP 2022?
Would you be interested in volunteering at WYP 2022?
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Would you be interested in joining our planning team for WYP 2022
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If you're interested in volunteering or joining the Whatcom Youth Pride planning team (yay!) we need some contact information. We'll be using both for communications (for example: sending a mass email to share information but text for day-of communication).  What is your phone number?
What is your email address?
Just for fun! What is your favorite bop by a queer artist that we can add to our WYP 2022 playlist?
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