2020 Arkansas Brewers Guild Allied Member/Retail/Wholesale Application
The Arkansas Brewers Guild (ABG) is a federally recognized 501c6 organization. The ABG is a member in good standing with the Brewers Association. The benefits of joing the ABG are growing every day. An annual Allied Membership is $250.00. This is due each year in April (at the beginning of the 2nd quarter and after our annual Brewery Membershp Drive is complete)

Membership benefits for Allied Trades and Retail members:

• Access to appropriate contacts with member breweries and breweries in planning.

• Listing on the Arkansas Brewers Guild website as a resource. Retail members will also be added to the tap finder calendar.

• Direct access to membership at annual meeting and annual conference. Discounted and free tickets to ABG events.

Annual Membership is $250 for Allied trades $100 for Retail members. Renewable after one year of membership. Event sponsorship packages include 1 year membership – See below for details.

Sponsorship package information:

Annual or event specific sponsorship packages available.

Annual sponsorship includes an annual Guild membership and all that infers. Annual sponsorship will include a prominent position on our website. Annual sponsorship also includes your logo on our event banners, event t-shirts and other marketing materials as they are developed. Annual sponsorship includes exhibitor participation at our annual conference as well as an opportunity to present. Annual sponsorship also includes the opportunity to attend all ABG events as guests with additional complimentary tickets.

Event sponsorship includes an annual Guild membership and all that infers. Event sponsorship will include social media mentions when referencing the event. Event sponsorship will include logo placement on event banners and event specific products i.e. cups, t-shirts, and hats. It also includes media mentions when referencing the event. Event sponsorship will also include complimentary tickets.

Annual sponsorship package: $5000

Event sponsorship packages:

• Father’s Day Festival – Little Rock $1500 (June Central Arkansas)
• Annual Conference – The Natural State of Beer - $2500 (Location will vary)
• Oktoberfest on the Square – Fayetteville $1500 (October, NWA)

You will recieve an invoice after your application has been processed. Thank you!

Please fully complete the application and survey below to be considered for membership to the Arkansas Brewers’ Guild (ABG).
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