Produce a CD in Honor of a Deceased Loved One


The Awaited One Foundation has been producing Islamic CDs for many years. Part of this effort has been the production of CDs on behalf of a deceased loved one per request of their relatives. As we continue to offer this service we ask that any request to produce a CD on behalf of a loved one be made through this form. Once the form is submitted our team will review the request and contact you to confirm the details of the production of the CD. Each CD that is produced will have your loved ones name(s) recorded in the introduction of the CD requesting listeners to recited Surat al-Fatiha on their behalf.

Click here to listen to an example of the introduction.

We kindly ask that all request be made at least a week in advance from when you would need the CDs. All request will be reviewed and confirmed based on the available resources of the production team. We reserved the right to cancel, postpone and/or refuse any request at our discretion.