Meet and Greet - Registration
During Gameland 3 we will host 3 Meet and Greet sessions with 3 different topics; E-sports, Cosplay, and Youtube/Streaming.
We would like to give you the opportunity to present yourself or your association during these sessions to peers in your domain.
Let us know what you want to present, so we can plan accordingly!

If you just want to visit and not hold a presentation (or similar) you don't need to register, simply join the session!

Name (You or your association)
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The different Meetings
The E-sports Meeting is open to any person or association that is involved or interested in competitive gaming. Achievement, level, or rank of play don't matter - if you have any experience you'd like to share, sign up!

The Cosplay session replaces last years Cosplay Workshop. Anyone who's interested in cosplay - be it the craft or the roleplaying, is welcome to join!

The Streaming/Youtube Session is open to all content creators that concern themselves with anything videogame related (including geek culture) the platform doesn't matter as much as long as you consider yourself a content creator you are welcome to join!

Which session would you like to present in?
How long would your presentation take?
How will you hold your presentation? (General Idea)
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What equipment do you need? (Projector, Screen, Speakers....)
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That's almost it! Thanks for participating!
We will announce the schedules for the Meet and Greet sessions 2 weeks in advance of the Event.
If you have a specific time window please let us know via Facebook!

Similarly if you want us to include your logo during the announcements and on our site, please send them our way! (

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