Know the News: Border Wall Battle
Read the article on pp. 10-13, then answer these questions. You'll need to click "Submit" to share your completed responses with your teacher.
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1. Which is a central idea of the article?
2. Which detail best supports that central idea?
3. What does "underscores" mean in this sentence? “The situation underscores how important it is for everyone—even teens—to stay engaged.”
4. Which detail would be most important to include in a summary of the article?
5. On p. 13, the author writes that “a judge could temporarily halt the use of emergency funds.” To halt is to _____.
6. What’s the main purpose of the section “Congress controls the federal budget”?
7. Which of these statements is an opinion?
8. What’s the main purpose of the map on p. 12?
9. Information about the duties of the judicial branch would best fit into which section?
10. Why did Congress pass statutes for emergencies?
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