SGAC Congressional Visit Reportback
This is to record and track the the advocacy we are doing in our groups
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Which SGAC chapter are you a member of? Or if you aren't a member of a chapter, what city do you live in?
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When was your meeting?
With which elected official's office did you meet?
Name and job title of person you met with.
Which issues did you discuss?
What was the tailored ask of your Congressperson?
How did the staffer/Member of Congress respond?
Did you receive a commitment?
If so, what was their commitment?
Is there any follow-up necessary?
What is your plan for follow-up?
How many people from your chapter were present?
Which, if any, other organizations or community groups were with you?
What challenges did you encounter?
Anything else you want to tell us?
If you took a picture of your group at the visit, please upload it here!
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