Spark Grant 2018
The Narragansett Education Foundation is pleased to announce the second Spark Grant opportunity for educators within the Narragansett Public Schools.

Spark Grants are offered to empower educators to follow an interest that will inspire their students as well as other educators. Think of a Spark Grant as a pathway towards seed money to enable your innovative idea.

Spark Grants are small - up to $1000 per grant -and are offered to educators to cover any discipline.

For example;
A teacher that is interested in starting a literary magazine, or would like to try a STEAM project for the first time. Perhaps you want to partner with another teacher within the district on a cross-grade project. Reading Shakespeare in class? How about hosting a marathon sonnet reading session in the community that involves students and community members?

We are sure you will come up with something great!

August 1st - Deadline for proposals.
August 17th - Applicants will be notified
All grants should be implemented for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The Fine Print:
Spark Grants cannot be used to fund political or capital equipment (such as furniture) When Spark Grants are used to buy devices, the head of technology must sign off on the proposal before the NEF will fund the proposal. At the conclusion of the project, all devices should be placed in the school’s media center so others may access the device.

Within the month after the conclusion of your project, grantees must submit a brief reflection via email regarding the grant implementation.

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