Healthcare survey
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How important is affordable healthcare to you?
Not important
Extremely Important
What is your position on Medicaid expansion?
Completely Against
Completely Support
Would school based health centers be helpful?
Should there be more access to proper mental health care?
Are you aware of what a school based health center is?
Would school based health centers be helpful?
Do you know your current HIV status?
Are you aware that there are multiple institutions, other than you physician’s office, to be tested for HIV and STIs?
Did you know that Rep. Cannon has written legislation to help improve the treating of HIV?
Should LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses) be trained to handle more responsibilities?
Are you aware of what a Crisis Pregnancy Center is?
Do you believe that women’s reproductive health rights should be regulated by the government?
Have you heard of the health impacts of the Zika Virus from our county health department?
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