Teen Court Application & Oath
Thanks for your interest in Teen Court. Please be sure to watch our 4 minute ORIENTATION VIDEO:


Having watched the video, please fill out this application and short quiz. It is to help orient you to the Teen Court program, and clarify any questions.
The video and quiz are a supplement to an actual in-person training. You can start volunteering after you fill out the survey below, but you will still need to attend the next available group training. In the meantime, we will add you to our pool of youth volunteers and contact you about upcoming court dates.

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CONFIDENTIALITY OATH: As a Teen Court participant or observer, you will have access to confidential records and information. The privacy of these records and information is protected by law (section 13303 of the California State Penal Code). Sharing of this information (including “accidental” sharing) with any unauthorized person is a misdemeanor offense punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both. It is very important that Teen Court participants and observers keep all information confidential. This means not discussing the case with anyone even if you don’t use names. Sometimes people who are not part of TC will know things about the case; even if this is so, you are not allowed to talk to these people about the case.  CHECK THE BOX TO MAKE A PROMISE THAT YOU SWEAR TO CONFIDENTIALITY. *
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