CES 2021 X TTA _PR Conference
Taiwan's industrial environment for the electronics/semiconductor industries provides a good foundation for developing technological innovation. For CES 2021, Taiwan is preparing to bring the results of 100+ startups to the world under the lead of the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology.

It will be the fourth time the Ministry has set up a national pavilion in CES 2021. The Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion aims to attract technology industries, startups, accelerators, and VCs from global ecosystems.

In this event, you will not only reach the most promising Taiwan tech startup teams across the field of AI, 5G communication, healthcare, and smart energy, but also find the key to building a new wave of worldwide startups is understanding how to combine existing strengths of industries with new ideas, and having the courage to face big challenges in the future.

We sincerely invite you to be a partner to join our event and share ideas during our events.
Agenda: The events' standard time is consistent with EST(GMT: -5:00)
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