2020 Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp Survey
We strive to make each campers' experience a positive one. Please take a few moments with your camper to share what aspects of camp went well and which, if any, could be improved for future summers. Your feedback is important in shaping Sea Adventure Camp curriculum and activities!
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What is your camper's favorite activity or part of Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp? *
Campers, please tell us something you learned about sailing and something you learned about marine biology during your time at Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp. *
Does your child want to return to Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp next year? *
If you answered 'No' above, please explain:
What were the most important factors in deciding to send your child to Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp this year? *
Do you feel that the Sea Adventure Camp Staff took the proper precautions against COVID-19 to ensure your child's health and safety through their week at camp? *
Were you pleased with your child's Camp Instructors? Please leave any comments below. *
Please comment on the camp's schedule and age group offering (i.e. time of day, weeks available, appropriate age groups each week, etc.) *
Do you have any suggestions on what we can do to improve Sea adventure Camp for next summer (ex. programs, activities, games, etc.)? *
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CISF would like to have a year-round facility at Fort Getty to support current programs and expand our reach through future initiatives. Would you support CISF in this endeavor? *
If you answered 'Yes' above, please indicate how you would support CISF's expansion plan:
If you have any further feedback or suggestions, please leave them below!
Thank you for your feedback! We look forward to hopefully seeing you next summer!
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