Apply to be a Designer - Session 1

PGPI seeks talented graphic designers, illustrators, and information designers with an interest in bringing unique, effective visual solutions to the design challenges presented by complex public policy, systems, and services. Designers collaborate with PGPI and a partner organization to create great design that furthers a partner organization’s ability to serve its constituents.

The jury is looking for Designers who will advocate for Design as a process, further the partner organization’s understanding of the Design process and foster a spirit of collaboration between community and advocacy work and the Design community.

Ideal applicants will have a strong history of understanding, analyzing and synthesizing information into visual communication.

Successful projects will be those that create an effective, and clearly communicated solution for partners’ constituents.


Over the 2 month period, you can expect:
- 3-4 in-person meetings with Designer/s and/or PGPI in Houston.
- Setting and meeting reasonable deadlines for project completion
- Responsive communications on all sides
- PGPI manages the collaboration, oversees all aspects of production, provides art direction, research, copywriting, and additional support as needed
- Publicity and promotion of your collaboration
- A public release event in Houston

Designers can expect
- A $500 honorarium
- Rights to use the poster in your portfolio
- A deeper understanding of an issue of interest to you
- A successful partnership with an organization doing good work


Usage Rights/Licensing: PGPI believes that open Design is a fundamental value of public interest Design. For this reason, the final poster will be licensed under the Creative Commons License 3.0 - For any use (commercial or otherwise) with attribution:

Reselling of posters could be a fundraising strategy for this program, PGPI reserves right to resell posters for any use, commercial or otherwise, for any amount of time

Honoraria, Additional Resources

PGPI manages the collaboration, oversees all aspects of production, provides art direction, research, copywriting, and additional support as needed.

Designers will receive an honorarium of $500

PGPI will publicize the projects and promote them through an event and our communication channels


For more information about the program, please visit:

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