Wind Farm Blockage Effect Onshore – workshop on definition and way forward
RISE, in cooperation with the Swedish Windpower Association, is inviting to a discussion and workshop on Wind Farm Blockage Effect for onshore wind farms.

The workshop will be held at the Winterwind conference in Åre, Sweden on February 3rd, 2020 from 09:00 to 12:00.


This will be an invitation only or by request workshop, targeting experts working within the field of quantifying production losses caused by wind farm blockage. The aim of the workshop is to pave the way for a commonly accepted definition of what defines the wind farm blockage effect and to point out the main parameters influencing forecasting of losses.

The present survey is intended at collecting your interest in participating in this workshop. Please complete the following questions so that the workshop planning team can get in touch with you. Due to limited seats in the workshop, we will select attendees based on their potential contribution to the workshop and remaining seats.

Thank you for your interest,
Martin de Maré and Tanja Tränkle
For RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Workshop Objective
Various models are used in order to estimate production losses that originate from the wind farm blockage effect for onshore wind farms. The estimated losses are varying to an extent that is heavily influencing the bankability of a wind farm project. Industry players are therefore in need of ensuring a common understanding and definition of what is included when quantifying wind farm blockage effect. This workshop aims
- To establish a common language for the wind farm blockage effect;
- To establish an outline for the main influencing parameters;
- To discuss possible verification activities towards improved modelling;
- To share experiences on the wind farm blockage effect onshore;
- To align production loss forecasting due to wind farm blockage effect onshore within the industry.
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