Games Hugo Subcommittee Interest Survey
This survey is for those interested in being part of the Games Hugo subcommittee of the Hugo Study Committee. We're working to make a Hugo Award category for games! For more information on the proposed category, go to

Working on the subcommittee would entail regular participation in discussion amounting to approximately 2 hours a week until June 2021, or until consensus on a proposal is reached, whichever comes soonest. There may be intermediary deadlines requiring slightly more participation, such as preparing a pitch for a trial category, preparing surveys, or preparing intermediary reports. The final output of the committee will include a proposal, if consensus on one is reached; a final report and any intermediary reports; and the results of any surveys.

By submitting your email address here you are consenting to be contacted for the purposes of discussing Games Hugo subcommittee matters and the Games Hugo proposal. Answers will be confidential to Ira Alexandre (myself), the chair of the subcommittee. I will contact potential invitees over email to discuss participation. Non-identifying data will be held indefinitely; Identifying information (names and emails) will be stripped on December 31, 2020.
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I want to self-disclose a marginalized identity. This subcommittee is actively soliciting marginalized gamers and game creators and other marginalized participants.
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