Teaming for Tomorrow training - Part 1 - Self-assessment
In part I of the Teaming for Tomorrow training, we'll guide you through a set of exercises to help you improve your awareness of how you, and other people, see yourself, perceive the world, interact with others, and carry out projects.  
The questions we will address include:
1. How do I approach team projects?  
2. How do I interact with others when collaborating on a project?
3. What do I bring to the team working on the project?
4. What are my norms and what norms do I expect from others?
5. How can I recognize this range of behaviors and attitudes in others as well as myself?

In part II, you'll take your insights from Part I to inform our behaviors and create a productive, effective team.

Let's get started with 3 self-assessments.  All are free online or used with permission.
Our view is that none of the assessments are "true", but they can all be useful.

The first assessment you will do on a separate website and share the results in this form.  The next two you will do right in this form.  Your results will not be shared with anyone other than the training leaders, and will be emailed to you right after you complete this form.  Review them closely before we meet for the online dicussion session.

If you have questions/concerns contact us at
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