2024 Student Survey | City Teen Summer Program
Note to Program Providers:
  • Please use the print version of this to give students on your last day of weekly programming (e.g., workshops)
  • Them, please input the responses to the student survey using the following form. 
  • Send any compelling images/photos to the SFCEN email address: network@sfcommunityeducators.org
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What is the name of your organization?
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Which week of the Summer Program is this response for?
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Which of the following SFCEN workshops did you attend or do you plan to attend this summer at the Teen Center? Please select all that apply. 
How old are you? 
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What is the name of the school you will attend next year?
What grade will you be in this coming school year [2024-2025 school year]? 
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Over the past week, how many days did you come to the Summer Program workshop?
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Please answer the following questions about this past week at the 2024 Youth Summer Program workshops. 

Please check the box if the item is true.

If you do not want to answer an item, leave it blank, but please try to answer all items as best as you can.
Almost Always
The activities this week were worth my time
I learned something new from the activities
The activities this week were boring
I felt safe at the workshop this week
I got to do activities I couldn’t otherwise do
I felt like a part of a community
I learned something that the community stronger
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In what ways did this week's workshop make you feel more confident? Please select all that apply. 
AFTER your participation in the workshop this week, how confident are you in the following:
Much Less Confident
Less Confident
Neither Less or More Confident
More Confident
Much More Confident
Trying something new
Stepping out of my comfort zone
Performing and/or speaking publicly
Sharing my strengths with the community
Listening to new opinions
Making friends
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What was most useful to you from this workshop? Why was it useful?
What about this workshop should be changed in the future? What could the organizers do better? 
On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend this workshop to a friend?
Would not recommend
Extremely likely to recommend
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Museums and other organizations are planning for even more programs & workshops at the new Teen Center. What activities would you like to do or things you would like to learn about in the future? Please check the activities you would like to do and add other ideas in the box below. Select all that apply.

How long would you want additional workshops & programs to be?  

When would you want workshops & programs to be offered during the school year?

When would you want workshops & programs to be offered during the summer?

How often should workshops & program be offered?

Do you have any other thoughts or ideas you want to share? If so, please share below. 

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