ICC Building Membership Council
Call For Subcommittee Membership 2019
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Call For Subcommittee Membership 2019
The ICC Building Membership Council attempts to accomplish their mission through the work of three subcommittees. We encourage you to be a more active professional and more dedicated public servant by expanding our "Outreach", sharing our "Best Practices", and through your efforts "Raise the Profile" our outstanding Building Safety Professionals across the globe. Please review the call for subcommittee membership descriptions for each subcommittee and complete the following questions. You will receive a confirmation that your request has been received after you submit the form and will be contacted soon after submission.
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Please indicate if you are an ICC and/or a Building Membership Council member. If you are not a member, you will likely receive information regarding membership.
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Raise The Profile (RTP)

This subcommittee works to find ways to recognize the efforts building officials put forth every day and ensures that the difference made in the built environment is appreciated, emulated, supported and promoted to help make the building official a desired and destination profession. The subcommittee actively promotes Building Safety Month to schools, contractor groups and policy makers; coordinates subject matter and authors for the BMC Tips (formerly Tip of the Quarter); and encourages active participation in the code development process.

Community Building Best Practices & Innovation (CBBPI)

This subcommittee works to capture, categorize, analyze and track best practices and innovative ideas from other Membership Councils, building safety professionals or building safety departments. This may be a procedure that made services better, a process that provided a better level of safety, or an approach that improves the image of our profession. This subcommittee will contribute in the review for the annual Award for Innovation in Code Administration and work closely with the Major Jurisdictions Committee on their Best Practices web page.

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