Student pledge
Student-athletes must complete the following form with their parents.
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As a student-athlete at Richmond School...
• I am sincerely interested in contributing my best to the success of our athletic team during the coming year
• I, therefore, agree to abide by all rules and regulations of my school
• I understand that I am representing my school, my family, and myself, and will act in a way that upholds the dignity of each
• This pledge has been set forth with the purpose of allowing me the privilege of being a part of a successful organization, to give me the full opportunity to become a better competitor, and to instill within me the desirable traits of a responsible adult
• I realize and understand that in the case that I do not live up to this code, I am willing to be removed from further athletic competition
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By checking below I agree to this statement: I verify that I am the student athlete and that I will adhere to the Richmond Student pledge. I understand that lack of compliance can result in a formal meeting with the Athletic Directors and school administrators, and may result in my removal from the activity.
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