Panvala Token Grants Application
Panvala issues token grants to organize the people who want to make Ethereum safer. Batch 1 of 2,119,836 tokens will be released on February 1. Batch 2 of 2,029,962 tokens will be released 13 weeks later on May 3. The Panvala Awards Committee will make recommendations of how these tokens should be distributed. Their goal is to allocate tokens so efficiently that Panvala is the best place for donors to contribute. Donations are made by acquiring tokens from grant recipients and depositing them back in the smart contract that released them.

All information submitted to this form will be available to the public.

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2,119,836 tokens are available in batch one, and 2,029,962 tokens are in batch two. The Panvala Awards Committee wants to get as much grant work done with the limited supply of tokens, so you should decide how many tokens you can request while staying competitive. You can edit your application later to adjust the number of tokens you're requesting as more applications come in. We will periodically send grant applicants updates on the current distribution of token requests.
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Copy the grant proposal template and fill it in. Once you make the document public, paste the link here. Template:
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