Restorative Justice Leadership Application
This is the application for our restorative justice girls leadership program. *This program is only for middle school and high school girls.* What is restorative justice? Go here to learn more:

Those accepted are required to attend 3 Saturday webinars to get trained in how to facilitate peace circles. The webinars will be led by young women (aged 17-24) who have experience in restorative justice. The webinars are interactive, fun, and require only that you are comfortable getting out of your comfort zone.

E-mail for any questions. WORK ON THIS APPLICATION IN A WORD DOCUMENT SO YOU DO NOT LOSE YOUR ANSWERS. ***Preference will be given to applications that are turned in on a first come, first served basis.***

This application is due by 11:59pm CST, July 31st.
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Do you identify as female? (if no, you do not qualify for this program) *
Race (In your own words, how do you identify? Examples: Black, White, Latinx, Middle Eastern, Native American) *
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Why is it important to come to school? Explain. *
Does your school do restorative justice? *
If you know what restorative justice is, how would you define it? (If you don't, skip this question)
Have you had any of the following? Click all that apply. (You can still get in the program! We just want to know more about you) *
Can you follow the contract? Explain. *
Why do you want to join the program? Answer in a short paragraph of a minimum of 100 and no more than 500 words. *
How do you show leadership in your life now (in organizations or in your personal life)? *
How comfortable are you around new people? Explain in no more than 150 words. *
Who should be given respect? Should respect be earned? Explain in no more than 150 words. *
What would you change about your school? Explain in no more than 150 words. *
Thank you! We will notify you whether you have made it passed the initial round of the process by August 8. Those chosen for round 2 will participate in interviews starting on August 11.
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