Request for Item(s) Pickup from Movemasters
In order to pick an item up from our warehouse, it is imperative that this form is filled out in full so that Movemasters can locate, stage, and prepare items for pickup before arrival
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What item(s) will be picked up? IMPORTANT: Please include manufacturer, quantity of items, and date received in our warehouse (This can be found in the notification we sent you via email upon the item(s) arrival): *
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What time will the item(s) be picked up? NOTE: Our warehouse hours are Monday-Friday between 8:00 am - 3:00 pm *
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If yes, what is the shipping company that will be picking up the item(s)?
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Does the item need to be crated/re-packaged prior to pickup? *
If yes, I understand that there is a minimum $75.00 crating/re-packaging fee:
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