Cast and crew policy acknowledgement
To be completed by all volunteers in Pentacle Theatre productions, including minors. The parent or guardian of any minor volunteer must also complete this form.

Pentacle Theatre is a volunteer-based organization that thrives through the commitment of many people. We would not be successful without the help and support of our volunteers, on stage, back stage and all around the theater.

There are five documents relevant to the people involved in your production and (where appropriate) their parents or guardians: Code of Conduct, Drug and Alcohol, Minors at Pentacle (for parents, directors and volunteer minors), Sexual harassment and our Anti-harassment policy relating to bullying, intimidation and other kinds of harassment.

You can read them at They are also posted on the bulletin board in the rehearsal space hallway.

You acknowledgement will help us document our commitment to a safe and positive experience. Following these expectations protects you, your fellow volunteers and our theater.

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By checking below, I acknowledge that I have read each of the following documents and I understand that I may face consequences if I violate any of them. *
Thank you for being a part of Pentacle Theatre! We couldn't do it without you!
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