Korean Translator Test
Greetings! First and foremost, thank you for your interest in applying as a Korean translator of our group. You should know that we aim to provide impeccable quality of translations to our precious readers. Thus, you will only get accepted if your translations do not affect our group's mission above. Most importantly, make sure to make a discord account if you haven't already since that is where we will be communicating. With all that said, please fill out the form and don't leave anything blank. Once you're done with the test and the form, send me a message in discord (Sara Aki #3881).

To know the results, you will be contacted by Aki (sara.adagaki@gmail.com).

Payment, Schedule, and so forth will be given once you've passed the test.

I wish you all the best!
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Korean Translator Test


1. Create a google document and write your translations there.

2. You must make sure that proper grammar and punctuation marks are used.

3. Once done, share the link to the completed test.

(NOTE: Please make sure that when you create a share link to your test, the changes made are viewable by anyone on the internet.)

Part 1

Translate from Korean to English.

월계수잎 모양의 다이아몬드 브로치.
오기전에 몇번이나 말했지만.
나를 시험 하지마
어머, 지은씨 왜 그래요?

Translate from English to Korean.

My name is Lee Ha-yoon
Let’s go see the firework festival! (write in both informal and formal speech)
Finish your food quickly and go to bed
Min-hyuk grabbed her by the wrist
It’s raining heavily today.

Part 2

Phrase translation

사람이 살다 보면 칭찬도 할 수 있고 그냥 넘기는 날도 있는거지, 근데 왜 그런 표정이야?

제도의 시민들은 새해 맞이 축제를 즐기느라 여념이 없었고, 그 덕에 안전 가옥 주변은 쥐죽은 듯 고요했다.
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