Returning Member FLCS VIII Staffing Application
Thank you for your interest in staffing for FLCS VIII. FLCS will be held this year February 15th-17th, 2019.
If you have any questions of concerns please contact me your Chief of Staff, Austin Koenig.
Number - 407-718-0678
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What the best MUN committee that you have ever competed in and what made that experience better than the rest?
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Indicate your order of preference with 1 being your top choice. The position types are as follows: An Assistant Director joins the Director at the dais and helps lead the committee and moderate debate. This position's primary responsibility is implementing parliamentary procedure and will mainly be in the committee room. Crisis Staff will respond to crisis notes and will fill out various acting roles based on the needs of their committee. Logistics staff help with varying assignments for each committee to help the conference run smoothly, along with possibly being assigned to staff a committee when necessary and assisting the Secretariat.
Assistant Director
Crisis Staff
Committee Preference *
The following are the committees that have been selected for FLCS this year. Please order them by preference (1 being your top choice)
The 17th Cabinet of Puerto Rico: Claudia Tio
Black October: The Bolivian Gas War: Marina Fortun
Cara al Sol: The Spanish Democratic Transition: Chris Menendez
The Legion of Doom: Devin Ritter
Redream 2031: Kevin Beguiristain
The Stormcloaks Victorious (Skyrim): Robert Beatty
In the Shadow of the Himalayas: The Tibetan Government in Exile: Andrew Gutke
Thomas Jefferson’s Cabinet: Lindsey Mosley
Ukrainian Revolutionary Cabinet, 2014: Matt Bizer
Please describe any qualifications or strong feelings you have about any of the committees listed above or if you have a prior working relationship with a director. *
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By filling out this application I understand that I am entering into a contract with the Florida Crisis Simulation and UF Model UN. If I decide to drop the conference, I agree to adhere to the consequences set forth by the secretariat. I also agree to all rules and terms set forth by the secretariat, which include that all writing submitted to the secretariat, background guides, crisis ideas, etc., will henceforth become property of FLCS. *
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