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Your Crypto Pledge a.k.a. 10 “Crypto Commandments”
1. I’ve been advised to use my disposable income only. #NotBillMoney

2. Crypto Currency, like any true industry or opportunity does NOT provide a “get rich quick” result. #IThinkLongTerm

3. Whether I sell it, trade it, or invest in assets for liquidation, I am responsible for my crypto’s USD conversion. #UntilTheWorldCatchesUp

4. Less than 2% of the world actually understands Crypto Currency which means even less are real experts. #IgnoreBrokeFriends

5. As with any investment things like supply/demand, propaganda & market can effect it’s rise and fall. #AvoidTheDailyRollerCoaster

6. It is best to think of Crypto Currency as “my money” to use for the purchase of assets. #AskWillYouAcceptIt?

7. I am personally responsible for the security of all of my virtual wallet’s passwords and pin codes. #NotMyMemory

8. Crypto Currency is a Non-Regulated industry. This means it is NOT insured by the FDIC. #NoCustomerService #NoIForgot

9. Should I decide to sell any crypto, I should always double check and verify the recipients wallet ID 2-3x. #NoReverse #NoUndo #NoStop

10. The success or failure of any investment, including Crypto Currency, should never be an “emotional decision.” Ultimately, Crypto Currency is a small portion of my portfolio and my financial success is solely up to me. #IAmResponsible

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