SYE Student Application 2018-2019
Syrian Youth Empowerment is an initiative to support the higher education of Syrian high school students by offering academic and career mentorship, along with free TOEFL and SAT support, to secure scholarships in universities in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. As an organization founded and led by Syrian refugees who experienced firsthand the enormous challenges associated with continuing higher education both inside and outside of Syria, we are aware of the numerous barriers facing high school–aged Syrian students, and are eager to support them as they embark on the college application process.

-This application is meant for students affected by the war in Syria, regardless of current country of residence.

-This program is intended for high school students applying for college next fall '19. Current college students are not eligible to apply.

-Syrian students, as well as Palestinian students with Syrian documents, are eligible to apply.

-SYE does not provide direct financial aid, nor does it grant admission to any institutions.

Tips for filling this application:
1. This application will take about 30-45 mins to be completed. Make sure you answer All questions as incomplete applications will be disqualified.

2. You won't be able to save the application and return to it later, so it is best to copy the questions to your own computer (a google document, or a word file) to prepare your answers and then come back to paste your answers and submit. We also highly encourage you to edit and review your application before submitting.

3. Don't try to finish the whole application in one attempt. It is better that you take your time and allow us to hear the best version of your story.

4. Don't hesitate to email us questions. It is critical that you understand the questions, and tell the best version of your story.

*SYE is a non-profit initiative, all services provided by SYE are free of charge.
**SYE is a non-political initiative with strictly no ties to any political or religious entity. SYE does not differentiate according to political views, ethnicity, religion or gender.

For questions and comments please email

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If you haven't checked any of the exams listed above, did you already start preparing for any?
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What is a secondary preferred field of study?
Pursuing a dual-degree or a minor is an option for those interested in multiple topics.
Tell us more about yourself *
Tell us your story, what are your dreams? what do you aspire for in your life? How do you see your chosen field of study shaping your future? (Please answer with 150 words min. and 200 words max.)
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The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience? *
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If you were to be granted unlimited resources, both in funding and personnel, what projects would you create to help make Syria a better place for all Syrians? *
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Last year, 1300 Syrian students applied for the SYE class and 34 were selected. Why should you be selected? *
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Can you provide a URL of any online artwork/media/videos/blogs/Youtube channel/etc. related to your work
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List any activities you are involved in outside the classroom *
Extracurricular activities include hobbies, paid work, volunteer work, sports, community organizing, science clubs, scout, activism, etc.
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How did you hear about SYE? *
If selected to advance to the next round, you will be contacted via email for a phone interview. Do you have a whatsapp number for us to use? *
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