Should there be a new Railcraft Boiler Calculator?
Should the five year old site be replaced by a more modern, more easily maintained version?

The new site would have the same features, but more accessible, with a better interface.
And it would have new features, like being more mobile friendly, more readable and more.
It would still support all the Railcraft versions the current one does, plus future ones.

The old site would remain available, but moved to a different URL, and it would not receive more updates.
Well, should there? *
Are the graphs now shown for heatup in Fuel Simulation Mode neat or what?
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If you answered no to the previous question, why?
Do you prefer a dark or light theme? *
Do you have any features that the current calculator doesn't have that you'd want the new one to have?
Any features that the current calculator has that you think are not very useful?
Any particular annoyances about the current calculator?
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