Dade School Counseling Association Emerging Leader Application
Please fill out this form to apply for the Dade School Counseling Association Emerging Leaders (EL) Program. After successful conclusion of the program, DSCA will award you a $500 scholarship.
Please be aware that in order to apply for the Emerging Leaders program, you must:
1. Reside in Miami Dade County.
2. Be a DSCA student member in good standing -- Join at
3. Be able to dedicate at least 5 hours a week to planning, assisting, or attending DSCA related events and projects for one semester.
4. 3.0 grade point average or above.
5. Be actively enrolled in a school counseling program and plan for a career in the field of school counseling.
6. Submit an updated resume.
7. Submit 2 professional references and 1 letter of recommendation.
8. Commit to a year of service (August 2018 - June 2019)

Please be aware that in order to successfully complete the Emerging Leaders program, you must:
1. EL will be responsible for updating social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook)
2. EL will interact with DSCA members through social media.
3. EL must attend at least 2 events hosted by DSCA.
4. EL will be responsible for updating and distributing the quarterly newsletter.
5. EL will attend DSCA board meetings (monthly) and have weekly communication with board members about status of projects.
6. EL will support the organization in any way needed.

Benefits of being a DSCA Emerging Leader:
1. Mentorship in the school counseling profession.
2. Attend DSCA events and help with programming, professional development, and network with district leaders.
3. Involvement in district, state, and national professional organizations.
4. Emerging Leader recognition and a $500 scholarship upon successful completion of the program.

Please submit by July 26, 2018 midnight.
If you have any questions please e-mail us at

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Intent to Participate
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Commitment Statement
By applying to the Emerging Leaders Program I acknowledge my commitment to grow professionally and develop my leadership in order to contribute to the Dade School Counseling Association’s mission and vision. I understand that the program will bestow benefits of participation as well as responsibilities to the association. I agree to fulfill these obligations within a term of one semester (Spring or Fall) should I be selected as an emerging leader.
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