Questionnaire for COI Guideline Comparison Across Language Editions
Thank you for agreeing to take this survey! We greatly appreciate your help in gathering data for the first-ever large scale cross-language Wikipedia study on conflict of interest (COI) policy. Your answers will provide crucial comparative information that has never been studied before.

All questions that follow are about the policies, guidelines, and community norms related to your "focus language" Wikipedia edition. Some questions are about media, legal, and government issues relevant to this Wikipedia. If any question does not seem to apply or you are unsure how to answer, please explain using the "Other" form and continue on to the next question. This survey takes an average of 20 minutes to complete.

For the purposes of this study, conflict of interest (COI) refers to two associated behaviors:
A GENERAL COI where one edits or influences an article where a close relationship is involved, such as about a family member or a friend's business.
A PAID COI is where one accepts money or enters a financial relationship to edit or influence the article of interest to the source of payment.
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