2021 Plot Sign Up - For New Gardeners
Welcome to Helena Community Gardens! Currently, we have plots available in all of our gardens.
Please fill out this form, and a Garden Manager will respond to you soon!
You may be put on a waiting list if the garden you would like is full.
If you have any questions, or concerns, please call Garden Coordinator, Darby at 406-529-1364 or email at helenacommunitygardens@gmail.com
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6th Ward-- (all 4' wide) 8'-$25, 10'- $30, 12'-$35 , 14'-$40, 16'-$50, 22'-$65, 26'-$80, 32'-$95, 34'-$100 .
Bausch 10- 4 X10 raised beds $30 Each
Cooney 4' x 8' raised beds $25
Covenant $30 for 3'x12' (waitlist), $35 for 4'x12' and 3'x16' (waitlist), $50 for 4'x16' and 10'x20', $75 for 20'x20'
Cruse $30 for 4'x10', $25 for 4'X8', $10 for 2'x5'
Janet St (behind Elk Mtn. 4'x8' raised beds $25
Jubilee (behind Saint Mary's Catholic) . $30 for 4'x10', $50 for 10'x20'
Plymouth $60 for 12'x20'. $30 for 4'x10'
Selma Held- $35 for 4'x12'. $75 for 20'x20'
East Helena 30 10'x 20' raised beds $20 each (Subsidized by the East Helena Food and Culture Club)
Waukesha- $115 for 20'x40 (half-plots are $75)
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2nd choice
3rd choice
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Did you have a HCG Plot last year, 2020?
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Would you like ADA wheelchair accessible garden beds?
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If you are finished, hit SUBMIT below Section 2. For Plot Fee Assistance application, complete Section 2.
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