Lodging Survey - Franklinton Center - 2017
If you are requesting lodging at the Franklinton Center, please fill out this survey. Our hope is to accommodate as many people as possible.

Lodging at the Franklinton Center will be reserved for those requesting the Impacted Community Scholarship and the Student Work Exchange until September 30, then available rooms will be opened up to General Registrants (i.e. lodging for scholarships is not guaranteed after September 30).

All Franklinton Center rooms will have at least 2 people per room. All registrants that have requested lodging at the Franklinton Center must notify the Coordinators by October 10 if lodging is no longer needed; otherwise, we will ask you to pay $25 for the dorm room and $40 for the hotel-style room.

Those who are General Registrants that would prefer to stay at the Franklinton Center will be put on a waiting list. On October 1, any available rooms on-site will be assigned to the General Registrants on the waiting list. Dorms will cost $25 per person and hotel-style rooms will cost $40 per person. Attendees who do not wish to stay on-site or who need to have lodging secured prior to October can reserve a room at the nearby Country Inn & Suites. (Please refer to the website for further details).

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(Student Work Exchange Registrants will most likely be placed in the dorm-style rooms.)
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Name(s) of Roommate Preferences
Leave blank if not applicable. You may request up to 3 people. The hotel-style rooms have two double-size beds and a private bathroom.We are trying to accommodate as many people as possible at the Franklinton Center. You must have at least one roommate. The hotel-style rooms at the Franklinton Center have 2 double-beds. If there is someone you would like to room with, please indicate that here.
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If I am in a hotel-style room, I would be willing to share a bed with [please provide name].
The hotel-style rooms are spacious with two double-sized beds. To accommodate the most people, it is helpful if you are willing to share a bed with someone so we can have more than 2 people per room. Please provide us with any names of other registrants that you would be willing to share a bed with for Friday night.
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