Cheerleader Feedback Form
Thank you for completing this form for the BHS Cheer team applicant. Please complete the form in a manner that represents the athlete throughout your entire experience with them. We appreciate your honesty and will keep all responses confidential. Reach out to with any questions.
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Current/Past letter grade in course. Coaches can provide a letter grade to represent the overall cheerleader on an A-F scale.
Please respond to the frequency in which the cheerleader performs the following responsibilities *
Most of the time
Works well with others
Active participant in discussion
Remains engaged in instruction
Will step up and lead a group
Respectful to peers and teacher/coach
Encourages others to do well
Hears feedback and responds accordingly
Motivated to exceed expectations
Advocates for needs and concerns
Any concerns you have regarding the athletes ability to be a part of a team?
Any other comments you think will be helpful in the tryout and team selection process?
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