CHS Trojan Marching Band Camp Registration 2020 - 2021
July 27 - July 31, 2020 - Monday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
For freshman $108 is due on the first day of camp. For everyone else, $100 payment is due on the first day of camp. If you need a red T-shirt as part of the summer uniform it is $8.00.

It takes a village to run a band camp! The Boosters would LOVE to have you volunteer! All we’re asking for is an hour of your time. Please contact either Margaret Kusisto (313-585-6546 or or Laura Hozak (248-444-7302 or if you’re able to help.
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Black shorts size
The summer uniform will now include black shorts. Black shorts will be included for 1st time band members only and after that it is $5.00. All sizes are adult sizes.
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Special Conditions we should be aware of:
The band camp payment will not be refunded after the first day of camp for any reason. I am aware that if the Clarenceville Trojan Marching Band Uniform needs EXTRA cleaning as a result of the student, that the student will pay for the cleaning fee. Also, I am aware that black shorts will be included for 1st time band members only and after that it is $5.00 per pair. I am aware that black socks are to be worn by the students for performances. If they need to be provided, it is $2.00 for black socks for the 1st time and $5.00 for every time after that. I am aware that gloves will be provided at the beginning of the marching band season. If they need to be replaced it is $2.00 for the first replacement, and $5.00 for every set of gloves after that. **In the event Band camp is cancelled, refunds will be issued minus cost of Theme shirt, red shirts, and shorts.** *
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