Share your “Good Medicine” at the UNITY Fire
During the National Conference the UNITY fire is used for social and prayer purposes and has provided conference attendees an opportunity for support, healing and spiritual nourishment over the years. As with all elements given to us, the fire belongs to everyone. Therefore, the fire is meant for all beliefs and religions to share their “Good Medicine” with other participants.

UNITY wants to know: “What teachings help strengthen you spiritually, restore you mentally or engage you socially?”

These tools of self care for our souls are just as essential as our physical wellness. Good Medicine can be singing a song, traditional prayers, reading scriptures, it can be traditional storytelling, wellness teachings or even traditional hand games. Most important, we want to make sure the UNITY fire is open for all denominations to openly share their beliefs and prayers with other Conference participants in a safe learning environment.

Good Medicine focuses on the Good: Aligning with UNITY’s mission to inspire hope, we strive to take a strength based approach to overcoming obstacles in our communities. Strengths–based approaches concentrate on the inherent strengths of individuals, families, groups and organizations, deploying personal strengths to aid recovery and empowerment. In essence, to focus on health and well-being is to embrace an asset-based approach where the goal is to promote the positive. While many Native youth experience trauma in their everyday lives, UNITY firmly believes in teaching participants to overcome obstacles by focusing on tools they do have, rather than a deficit approach. Positivity is healing and builds resiliency in leaders.

The National UNITY Conference is a place where Native youth voice is encouraged and valued. UNITY wants Native youth to take the lead in hosting workshops to share their spiritual teachings as the next generation of teachers and healers. Help bring a strong youth voice to the UNITY fire by signing up for times to share your “Good Medicine” and spiritual wellness teachings during downtime at the Conference.

The time slots are on a first come first serve basis. So sign up today at the link below!
“A fire burns within us and has so since the beginning of time. We must continue to strengthen it and keep it bright for generations to come,” Warren Skye, Tonawanda Seneca Pine Tree Chief.
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