CMTA Scholarship Auditions 2020--Teacher Information Form
Each teacher is required to fill out this form to register students in the event.
In addition to this form, teachers must fill out the student information form for each student.

Student Information Form for Scholarship Auditions:
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Teachers are asked to pick-up completed rating forms at the end of the audition day. If completed rating forms must be returned to the teacher via postal mail, a self-addressed, stamped envelope must be provided to the event organizer. Please carefully consider envelope size and postage amount given the number of rating forms to be mailed.
Registration & Fees for Scholarship Auditions
CHECKS MUST BE RECEIVED BY FEBRUARY 1 to ensure student participation. This is not a postmark deadline.
Please mail or hand deliver to: Carol Rhodes 284 Sandstone Rd. Columbia SC 29212.
Submit the following online form for each student entry:
Names of all students participating in Scholarship Auditions: *
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Number of entries in Scholarship Auditions. If a student is in solo AND concerto, that should be counted as 2 entries. *
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Registration fee for Scholarship Auditions is $20 per student per event. Calculate your registration total and enter it below. Add the $100 non-member fee if applicable. *
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