GRAD EX 2019: Exhibition Call for Submissions
Applications are due: FEBRUARY 8TH, 2019 AT NOON

☐ Submit 2-3 pieces for consideration (ideally one clear image of each), including dimensions, medium (mixed media list is long), year and installation instructions.
☐ Only 1 final work will be selected per student and artist statements and information about each piece is an asset
☐ Files may be JPG, TIFF or PSD format.
☐ Files should be a max of 150 dpi. Please label your attached images as follows:
LastNameFirstLetterTitleimage#.jpg (e.g. ‘PaukerLUntitled1.jpg’)
☐ Works in progress may be considered, but they must be accompanied by a clear written proposal with diagrams, proposed medium, size and installation requirements, along with the overall statement of the work. A studio visit may be requested to get clarifications and check up on your progress.
☐ If images are not up to professional standards, we may schedule a meeting with you to photograph your images professionally, which may be used in promotional materials and other media outlets.

This year, the show will be featuring both completed, gallery ready work, as well as process work! This can be anything that has helped you reach where you are today in your artistic practice, including: your final or working sketchbooks, significant individual pages, prototypes of projects (successful or failed), samples, sketches, etc. You could consider submitting a project in which your preliminary ideas or planning goes alongside your final work, tracing its story in the gallery show. You can submit up to three works to be considered for display in the gallery, and or an additional three pieces of process material. Please indicate how the work fits together (if it does) or simply indicate why this work is important to you in showcasing your NSCAD University experience. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the work that happens behind the scenes, and celebrate this work as much as your final pieces.

All majors and mediums are welcome including performance, dance, art history thesis, installation, etc. If you have any concerns about how your work may fit into the show please do not hesitate to contact meg taylor dunsmuir at

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