CopenhagenClick 2019
This is an invitation to attend CopenhagenClick 2019.

On September 7th we are opening the doors for CopenhagenClick – an event dedicated the celebration of the Mechanical Keyboard hobby that has been growing the last couple of years.
At the event you will meet others interested in the hobby and you can try out keyboards that other enthusiasts will be bringing to the meetup.

Also you can hear more about Mechanical Keyboards in general and be part of a small giveaway that will happen at the event.

Please don’t fill out this form if you do not intend to attend the event.
The event is limited to 50 attendees.

Details about exact location in central Copenhagen will be send out in a email manually.

Taking photos at the event is permitted, but please ask before talking images of other attendees. The organizer will also be taking images of keyboards and at the room in general, if you would prefer not to be on any of these photos please reach out to the organizer.

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