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Designing a website is challenging enough as it is, but not having a vision and outline of what you’re trying to accomplish with your website is a difficult task for any web designer whose trying to build your website. Below I have put together a general form that will help give us both a starting point in gathering the information needed to get started developing your website. Please Be as detail as possible.
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General Information
What Is Your Projected Website Release Date?
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Please explain below what type of website you wish to develop and what is your overall objective for your website *
Have you decided on a domain name or do you already have one? You can go to www.register.come to see if your domain exist. *
Do you have social media accounts, if so, will you be linking your social media accounts to your websites? If this is the case, please add the web address links to each of your social media accounts below. *
What is the contact email addresses you will use for all correspondence? We recommend setting up a gmail account for all correspondence. Please list the email below : *
Please select below the type of pages you are going to want on your website such as Home Page, About Us Page etc. Remember, the web design services are limited to the amount of pages agreed to in your contract with the web designer.
Please put a check next to the type of pages you want to setup: (Check all that apply)
Home Page
About US
Photo Gallery
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Events Page
Contact Page
Media Page
Shopping Cart
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On the contact page you will want to list a general contact statement and everything you will want to collect from your visitors, as well as your contact information.
Contact Heading info: In this box please list your contact statement or any description or information you will like on this page. *
CONTACT ADDRESS: List your contact info you would like your visitors to see such as your company name and address etc. *
Please Check the information you would like to collect from your visitors.
Choose All That Applies
OTHER INFORMATION: Please lists any other information you want listed on the contact page. If you desire a certain photo, list the name *
About Us Page
This is a page you need to really put some thought into it. On this page your giving your visitors information about you or your business. It’s like a full resume introducing yourself and telling your viewers what you and your organization is all about. This area should be as detailed as possible. You should be detailed about who you are, what you are about, and the qualifications for the services you offer. PLEASE NOTE: This page is important and should be outlined in detail not with just a few paragraphs.
The About Us Page should include: Your Mission Statement, History, Experiences or Qualification etc *
Prayer Request Page
If you choose to do a prayer request page, you will need to list a general prayer request statement plus you will need to decide what contact information you will want to collect from your visitors who request prayer.
PRAYER CONTACT INFO: List the kind of contact info you want to collect from people seeking prayer request: name, address, telephone etc.
Photo Gallery
To setup your photo gallery or to handle a large amount of photos 10 or more, we highly advise you to to setup a cloud storage account such as Box, Google drive, Dropbox, etc., and upload the photos and paste the links in the box below. Otherwise you can also use our PROJECT UPLOAD to upload as well.
Paste Cloud Storage Link Here
Donation Page
For your donation and contribution page, you will need to have a statement about what you are trying to accomplish with the donations you are trying to get. REMEMBER: Your statement should encourage others to want to support your cause.
List Your General Donation Statement Here *
PAYPAL ACCOUNT: If you will be doing a donation page if so please list the email address for your PayPal account:
Setting Up A Blog
If you are going to be doing a blog page. Please have at least two articles ready to go before submitting this form. The blog should consist of a title, topic, and contributor. List each blog below in their separate boxes.
Blog Topic /Article 01 :
Blog Topic /Article 02:
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