Queen's Royal College Form 1 Student Registration
Student information. Before you begin, you should ensure that you have the following documents at hand:
Student: 1. Birth certificate (scanned and saved to a cloud drive such as Google Drive or Onedrive), 2. Passport, 3. SEA Results slip, 4. Immigration card where applicable,
Parents/Guardian: National ID card

Please enter data as accurately as possible. Information will be verified.
This form is only for new students who have been recently assigned to Queen's Royal College, through the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA)

This is NOT an application form
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SEA Number *
First Name *
Last Name *
Middle Names
Name student is usually called *
Last School Attended *
First Language *
Date of first entry into Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE) *
Date of first entry into Primary School *
Birth Certificate PIN *
If your birth certificate does not have a PIN, enter a unique identifier number on your birth certificate.
Birth certificate scan link *
1. Scan a copy of your birth/immigration certificate. 2. Upload to your google drive or one drive account. 3. Share the file from google drive or one drive using a link that allows anyone with the link to view. 4. Copy the link. 5. Paste the link in this field. PLEASE ensure that the link is for the option that allows anyone with the link to view.
Date of Birth
Date *
Month *
Year *
Address of Student
Number and Street *
Street address line 2 (eg. Apt #)
City/Town/Community (Local) *
Select City, Town or Community that best fits from the list. Type the first letter to find easier. If student has only a foreign address, select "Does not apply" at the end of the list and go to the next question.
Regional Corporation *
City, Foreign (if applicable) *
If student address is outside of Trinidad and Tobago, enter it here. Otherwise, type "Does not apply"
Address Country *
Google location *
(eg. https://www.google.com/maps/@10.6687616,-61.5193593,21z OR https://maps.app.goo.gl/fPX4ozRZMVbbTfut7) 1. Find your location using Google Maps (https://www.google.com/maps) or use the Google Maps app on your smart device. 2. Ensure that you zoom in sufficiently to get the exact location of your home. 3. Copy the URL in the browser window OR from the Google Maps app on your smart device, choose "share" and "copy to clipboard". 4. Paste the link in the space below.
Religion *
Ethnicity *
Nationality *
Country of Birth *
City of birth *
Student's primary phone number *
Mobile number of the student. If the student has no mobile number, then enter the best number to reach him.
Passport Number *
If student does not have a passport, type "None". If the passport is expired, type "Expired"
Does student have an immigration student permit *
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