2019/2020 Odds & Ends Registration
You may register as a full member or a spare. Full members will be assigned to a team which will play together for the first half of the session. Teams will be changed for the second half of the session. Finding a spare to play when a team member will be absent is the team's responsibility.

Full members may register individually or as a pair. Pairs can curl together for the duration of the session.

If you register as a spare, you will be placed on the spare list. Teams will use the spare list to find a player to replace a member who will be absent.

Games are scheduled Friday evenings at 8:30pm. Schedules will be posted on Odds & Ends Facebook page and at oddsandendscurling.ca

Registration fees can be paid individually by email money transfer to oddsandendscurling@gmail.com OR by cash/cheque made payable to Odds & Ends. Registration as a full member is not confirmed until payment has been received.
All fees MUST be paid before stepping onto the ice.
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