B7. 聆聽經驗工作坊- 亞洲貴人篇 / Listening session- Asian Guiren
地點: B.B.ART (台南市中西區民權路二段48號)
日期:11月12日 週日
入場方式: 入場方式: 需報名,現場付費 50元整( 三日聯票手環及單日票卷免費入場)


Passawan Srilan- Cat Radio(泰國)
Mak Wai Hoo- Soundscape (馬來西亞)
Indra Ameng- The secret Agent (印尼)
Sam Yang - 火球祭/ 滅火器 (台灣)

Location: B.B.ART (No. 48, Section 2, Minquan Road, West Central District, Tainan City, 70050)
DATE: 11.12 (SUN)
TIME: 14:30-15:30
Entrance: NTD 50, registration required (free entrance with 3 day-pass or 1 day pass on 11.12)

Musicians are always curious about how their music can be perceived- here we invite the most curious music industry professionals to listen to the online submitted works together and provide their feedback on the spot. . These “guiren” from Asia are going to listen to the music and discuss about it together with us.

Curious ears:
Passawan Srilan- Cat Radio(Thailand)
Mak Wai Hoo- Soundscape (Malaysia)
Indra Ameng - The Secret Agents (Indonesia)
Sam Yang - Fire Ball (Taiwan)

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