Anka Youth Association-European Mobility Projects Application Form
ANKA's mission is to empower young people to make them young leaders and active citizens in their community also while promoting cultural understanding and diversity. We believe that providing opportunities to young people, youth workers, and project managers to take part in European youth exchanges and training courses is a great chance to improve their skills and to make them feel European citizens.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to one of our projects. Please take your time to fill this application form. We often receive general applications that we can not accept as they don't really show a true motivation towards the project aims.

Please apply below while choosing the specific project in which you would like to join and state your motivation through that project.

You can reach our social media accounts from the link below:

Contact us for further inquiries via
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If you are an ANKA Society member, you can ask your ANKA-CODE via email to If you are not an ANKA Society member, you can get one here: . If you do not want to involve the society or you are not a part of the society, just write (-)
Please make sure that your ANKA-CODE profile is updated and you have provided answers even to the optional questions, as that will help us select the right participants for each project.
In the e-mail you received from after registration you will find a link that says „click here to check/update your profile”, which you can use whenever you want to update your profile and add more relevant information.
Please choose the project(s) which you want to apply for from below *
How familiar are you with the main topic of this project? *
What is your motivation to participate in the chosen project? *
Please describe your motivation in 10-15 lines focusing on: why have you chosen this project, what do you expect to achieve from it, how you will prepare for this project and how you will get involved during activities. Please explain if you belong to the target group. You need to be as specific as possible. Be careful: plagiarism can exclude you automatically from the selection process.
What do you know about our organization ANKA Youth Association and what can you provide to our organization? *
Which kind of passport do you have? *
You can reach our social media accounts from the link below. Don't forget to follow us! This can also affect your participation :) *
Data protection notification
By submitting this form, I understand and agree that the personal data I have communicated will be strictly used for the proper conduct of the projects. Anka Youth Association collects your data so that we can process your project applications, documentation, etc. All personal data will be collected by legislation of KVKK Data Protection Procedure available at Also, I understand that being a participant of any project which belong to Anka Youth Association is incompatible with any activities or intentions connected with political propaganda, activities or intentions connected with religious propaganda or any connection with discrimination activities or hate speech. By filling this form, I agree that all information about me is true and transparent.
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