ResBaz Brisbane 2017 : Workshop Expression of Interest & Festival Day Registration
What is ResBaz?
The 2017 Research Bazaar Conference (ResBaz) aims to kickstart a research training program in Australia to teach the digital skills required for cutting-edge research in the 21st century. ResBaz also aims to facilitate collaboration between early career researchers (e.g. PhD students, post-docs, ECRs, research fellows) who aspire to work with other world-class researchers using next generation digital research tools!

The 2017 ResBaz Conference will be hosted at several sites around the world at the same time.

2017 ResBaz - Brisbane will run 7 - 9 February 2017 and will be hosted at The University of Queensland's St Lucia campus.

The first day is our Festival Day which will consist of events such as 'Bioinformatics Boulevard' and 'Ask a Data Scientist'.

The following two days will include workshops, such as Software Carpentry lessons (Git, Bash, R, Python) as well as lessons on other tools such as OpenRefine and Web scrapers. Workshop registration will open soon we are just finalising the topics.

This is an Expression of Interest for those who want to attend a workshop and a registration form for the Festival Day in Brisbane.
Please note that as a part of attending the Research Bazaar Festival Day in Brisbane, you are required to produce a colourful poster about your digital toolbox. These will be displayed at ResBaz and should help you find others interested in the same tools or disciplines.

This will be easier than it sounds - we provide an easy-to-populate template, and we are happy to talk you though the process. Details will be available soon.

If you have any further questions, please tweet to @ResPlat or @HeidzOP using the #ResBaz and #ResBazBris hashtag.
Please pass this form on to anyone who might be interested in attending ResBaz 2017 in Brisbane.

Good luck with your application!

Kind regards,

The ResBaz Conference Committee


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