Pet Styles of Kettering - Double-Coated Shavedown or Short Haircut Wavier
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You have requested that Pet Styles of Kettering shave down your double-coated dog. We will honor your request to shave down your double-coated dog, with the assumption that you are aware of the following risks and understand and accept responsibility for them:
Shaving down a double-coated dog will DRASTICALLY change the way they look. They will not only be shorter, but their coat will change color. When we remove their “guard coat” all that is left is the undercoat, so your dog will be the color of their undercoat after we shave them.
Shaving down a double-coated dog may cause the hair to grow back in patches. Their hair may never be the same. This can include patches or chunks of fur that never regrow, or total destruction of the guard coat. Once the guard coat is gone, the dog may not even be the same color anymore. Markings specific to each dog are most prevalent in the guard coat, or top coat. Once this is removed, only the undercoat is left, which has very minimal color markings.
Shaving down a double-coated dog may mean their hair might not grow back AT ALL.
Shaving a double-coated dog will in no way reduce shedding. It will just cause them to shed shorter hairs, which can actually be even more of a nuisance.
Shaving down a double-coated dog puts your dog at risk for sunburn, especially if they are light colored and fair-skinned.
Shaving down a double-coated dog may result in hyperpigmentation of the skin- Darkening of the skin where the coat has not grown back.
Shaving down a double-coated dog does not make them cooler in hot weather. A dog's coat is their insulation, both against cold and heat. Since dogs don't have sweat glands all over their body like us, shaving the coat to expose the skin would not have the same effect as taking off your sweater if you feel too warm.
Shaving a dog for the first time may result in brief behavioral changes, especially if you as the owner react negatively to the haircut.
Pet Styles of Kettering does not recommend shaving a double-coated dog. We recommend a bath, blow-dry, and deep deshedding regimen to control shedding hair and to keep your dog healthy.
We defer to you, as the owner of this pet, and assume you know what is best for you and your pet and you prefer a shave on your double-coated dog. We will happily honor your wishes with the signing of this waiver. You will be asked to sign this waiver every time we shave your double-coated dog.
Knowing that any and all of the above conditions can occur, I authorize Pet Styles of Kettering to shave my double-coated dog. I hold Pet Styles of Kettering harmless if any or all the above conditions occur to my pet. *
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