Scavenger Hunt: IAT 2 Year Anniversary
Join us for Ten Minute Tips all day 10/1 via this link - and each speaker will give you an answer to their scavenger hunt question.  Get the most correct and you can win an insanely fabulous prize package!
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9:15, Gina Trimarco:  What's another way for adults to be "cute" like kids in the selling process?
10:00, Aubrey Worek:  True or False: Exercise is a weight loss tool.
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10:15, Ann Gatty: What is Beretta the Great Dane teaching us?
10:30, Greg Russak: What’s the Bitly for The Conscientious Capitalist’s Free sales resources?
10:45, Neysha Arcelay: True or false: To be successful in my own terms, I should only focus on developing my skills.
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11:00, Phil Gerbyshak: What does Phil call when you have a "profitable LinkedIn profile"?
11:30, Holly McIlwain: Even though Holly is an ‘achiever’ when she takes the Clifton Strengths Finder, she only lists one accomplishment on her LinkedIn profile. What is it?
11:45, John Ayo: What are the 3 foods to avoid?
Noon, Rachel Pitts: What is Rachel's favorite saying?
12:30, Morgan Schulte: How many calories does the average American eat during a Super Bowl party?
4:00, Amy Fulmer:  Who knows what Death Cooties are?
4:30, Sean Glaze: What did Sean say was the 3rd thing that Builds TRUST?
4:45, Beth Caldwell: The ONE Simple tool that 99% of people and businesses don't use to attract publicity?
5:00, Heidi Jacobs: What is the term Heidi used for the action she used to center the clay?
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