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GeoForAll labs are an amazing part of GeoForAll we would like to help promote you and your organization as part of the new website. The beta website is available at (if you would like to watch it take shape). To be included we need some details about your lab, perhaps more than you have provided before (since we would like a team photo or a screen snap of your research).
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The name of your GeoForAll lab
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Location of your lab facilities in longitude/latitude (if you have several locations make a list, if concerned about privacy or security consider use of nearest city center). ). These locations are used to show where you are on the map. The location information will be scraped by a script in the background to create a map. To reduce data errors please provide the longitude,latitude in decimal format separated by a comma - for example: -123.365556,48.428611
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Blurb (2-3 sentences max)
This is shown, along with a small photo, when listing GeoForAll labs.
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Small photo (shown as a building for the nottingham geospatial example) to appear when listing your GeoForAll lab. If your lab has a logo or crest you may also consider it here.
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