Grow Your Own Path - Leadership Guide Assessment
Is a business of my own the right thing for me?
Where do I fit in doTERRA?
What does it mean to build a doTERRA business?
What kinds of commitments do I need to make and keep - if any?

These are great questions and we want to help you discover those answers so you can have the best possible experience sharing doTERRA and so we can best support you. We will review the different types of leaders in our leadership guide together. Additionally I'd love for you to answer a couple quick questions below prior to us chatting so I can get a better idea of where you are at, and find out where you feel most comfortable. As your mentor this will also help guide me on what I can do to help you along the way.

This is your journey! Let's help you make the most of it.

Thank you!

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Which of these best describes you in regards to your dōTERRA sharing? *
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Are there any parts of sharing dōterra or the doterra business in general that you have questions about? If yes please ask below and we will discuss together. *
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What days/ times are best to schedule calls with you if I want to spend some time talking to you in person, on zoom or over the phone? *
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Do you have any goals related to your dōTERRA business for yourself for the upcoming year? *
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