Author Survey for Children's Book Self Publishing
This anonymous survey is for authors publishing children's book(s):
1) under their own publishing brand (or under the label of a close friend/family member)
2) through a company that provides little to no editing/marketing assistance (including print on demand)
3) through a company where the author pays for or crowdfunds at least part of the publishing project

This survey hopes to capture a variety of independent publishing options, so that authors will have more information about the best paths for their work. Authors published through traditional trade houses may also take this survey as long as they have at least one project that meets the above criteria.

Here's to shedding more light on self, indie, and hybrid publishing.

First a little about YOU.
1. Gender
2. Ethnicity
3. Race
4. Age
Your answer
5. Country of residence
Your answer
6. How would you rate your writing skills?
7. How would you rate your editing skills?
8. How would you rate your marketing skills?
9. How large is your social network/following?
About your WORK.
If you have more than one project, please answer for your most successful project. I'll let you define success later.
1. What type of creator are you?
2. Your most successful project was...
3. What is the main audience for this project?
4. Your primary goal of publishing this book was to...
5. How satisfied were you with how well you accomplished this goal?
Not at all
Everything was perfect!
6. What was the word count for your book? (rounding is okay)
Your answer
7. What visuals were used for this book?
8. Amount paid upfront for illustrations?
9. Does the illustrator receive royalties, and if so, what percent?
Your answer
10. Where has your book been sold (countries please)?
Your answer
11. How many total copies have you sold to date (best guess if you aren't sure)?
Your answer
12. What do you consider the biggest success of the project?
Your answer
13. What would you do differently if you started the project over again?
Your answer
1. Who owns the rights to your book?
2. Who is listed as the publisher on your book?
3. Who did you use as a publisher?
Your answer
4. Is your book available in print?
5. Did you use Print on Demand?
6. If you selected Print on Demand, were you aware at that time that distribution in bookstores and libraries would be challenging?
7. Were/Are physical copies of your book available in bookstores?
8. Was/Is your book available in libraries?
9. How is your book distributed?
10. Did you try to publish through traditional means before selecting a non-traditional publishing pathway?
11. If you tried traditional means first, which of the following best describes why you switched directions?
12. Did you published any books before this (your most successful) independent project?
13. If you published any books after this book, did you use the same method or different?
14. How long had you been working on this project prior to publication?
15. Did your publisher charge you to publish your book?
16. If your publisher charged you to publish your book, did they meet all your expectations for the services they promised?
17. Did a traditional publisher pick up your project after the initial self-publication?
1. Where did the funding for his project come?
2. What kinds of services did you pay for as part of this project?
3. How much did you spend on your most successful independent publishing project?
Your answer
4. How much did you earn on this project?
Your answer
5. What was your total writing income last year?
Your answer
6. If you earned a writing income last year, what percent of it was from independent or self published projects?
Your answer
Any other thoughts about your experience?
Your answer
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